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Is life possible without power, without water, without food? For more than ten thousand years the city has been the solution to these basic human needs. Now it might be the problem.
More and more people are moving into towns and cities to live and work.
This mass-migration towards urban life is now exerting a pressure threatening the balance between urban and rural areas worldwide.
Efficient solutions are a vital need to effectively respond to this global challenge.
CIVITAS: the quest for a new urban agenda for global cities.


Information platform for communicating knowledge of engineering and construction of industrial plants. A full range of technical information and management services in the fields of engineering and construction of industrial plants.
Technologies, which have been successfully applied in large-scale industrial facilities. Detail of all engineering disciplines involved in an industrial project.
Great technological approach.




A cultural melting pot. Daily life issues. Multilingual, multiethnic, multi-religious, multicultural. Seeks the common and the different.
Allows establishing mutual knowledge and understanding links between Mediterranean countries in a cross cultural way.
Socio-cultural  & anthropological approach, in order to access the subjectivities that conform the differents cultures.
Looks for the way in which the socio-economic situation affects the definition of the chosen scenarios.

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